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    Beartooth (Montana)

    However you define “epic” — difficulty, vistas, terrain, weather — this is one of the country’s most epic road rides. The late CBS correspondent Charles Kuralt called the Beartooth Highway “the most beautiful drive in America.” (Dina Mishev)

    For: Executive teams, senior level teams, interdepartmental teams, top clients, families
    Departure: Cody, Wyoming
    Return: Cody, Wyoming
    Tour Offered: August, September
    Duration: 3 days
    Lodging: Airbnb, hotel, cabins, lodge
    Includes: E-bikes, Route, Lodging, Support Van, Luggage Transportation, Maps, Snacks, and Non-Alcoholic Drinks.
    Does not include: Flights, Meals, Pre- and Post-Adventure Lodging

    Tuition Information

    Odyssey: $5875
    Adventure: $3875
    Escape: $2875

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    Highlights include:

    • Sunlight Bridge – highest bridge in Wyoming

    • Chief Joseph Scenic Byway – a scenic treasure, part of the Nez Perce National Historic Trail

    • Cooke City – “a raggedy block-long strip of ‘50s Psycho cabins, motels, and neon-illuminated saloons” (John Phillips)

    • Chipmunks – furry friends that’ll race you to the top…if you’ve got trail mix

    • Red Lodge – quaint historic mountain town nestled against the Beartooth Mountains

    • Grandeur – did we mention this is “the most beautiful drive in America”?

    "The trek has done more for my ability to lead and empower others than any other work I have done."

    Hal H., Chief People Officer, Infusionsoft

    "This trek has been nothing short of spectacular. At the outer level it has allowed me to live like a kid. And at the deeper level, I experienced flow."

    Piyush P., Co-Founder, Equinox

    "I have been changed on this trek (and) enjoyed all aspects...including, and perhaps most importantly, the leadership program."

    Doug F., Founder & Chief Architect, ZirMed

    "This is the best team-builder I have ever experienced!"

    Kevin K., Co-Founder of Gro-Social

    "The trek helped me to slow down, see the world from a different perspective...to see the internal strength we all have within each of us and take my eye off the goal and enjoy the scenery along the way. "

    Ammon C, Head of Product at Infoarmor

    "Just when you think you’re done and can’t go anymore, make the choice to push yourself - even just a little - and you’ll be surprised what you are capable of. "

    Jordan H. - Fullstack Marketing Group

    "There has rarely a day gone by that I haven’t thought about our Spain trek. It has changed the way I think and behave. It has reshaped my life."

    David F. - VP of Client and Payer Services, ZirMed

    "You'll get out of it what you put into it. Your commitment to your vision will anchor you."

    Kirk L.

    "After we started the trek, I found my confidence increasing. It was amazing to let go of all the things that pulled for my attention at home, and to have more focus and clarity. Many days I felt so connected to my bike that it felt odd to get off of it."

    “Beth U. - doTERRA

    "The money I put out was very small compared to what I gained on this trek."

    Mike P. - Senior Director ACBL

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