How I went from feeling trapped...

to living a dream

(and you can too).

It was impossible.

Take three months off to bike across America? Totally impossible given the circumstances.

I was married with 7 kids.

We lived paycheck to paycheck.

Friends scoffed, saying I was abandoning my family and wasn’t a man.

So I shelved the dream, thinking, “It was a foolish idea anyway. Still, maybe I’ll do it someday.

But we all know “someday” really means “never.”

It hurt, but deep inside I knew the truth. I would squander my life “working a job" instead of living my dream.

My soul knew what it needed, but I refused to listen. My head couldn’t justify the cost. So I continued masking the pain in other—mostly socially acceptable—ways.

  • I took vacations
  • I cheered my kids from the sidelines
  • I read pages and pages of OTHER PEOPLE’s adventures
  • I looked up dirty pictures on the internet
  • I flirted with having an affair

Then I found the Way of the Hero

Or, rather, it found me.

Not all at once, but line upon line. Several “guides” appeared, each pointing the way at pivotal moments, and miraculously it all came together. We bought an old motorhome, hit the road, and after I dipped bicycle tires at the Pacific rim of Washington, we headed east. It was EPIC—the ultimate family adventure!

Three months later (after they left me early to get kids in school) I stood alone watching the sunrise at Quoddy Head State Park—the eastern tip of Maine. Bicycle at my side. Exhilaration in my soul. And a trail of memories glistening in my eyes.

As incredible as I’d imagined it to be, reality blew it out of the water.

Reality was tougher, bigger, and more exhilarating than I could have fathomed.

Plus it ignited CRAZY adventures, things I would NEVER have believed IN MY WILDEST DREAMS.

I . . .

  • Snorkled with my son in Iceland (on a 400 mile cycling trek)
  • Cycled to the highest fjord overlook in Europe (Norway)
  • Pedaled along the Iron Curtain trail (Austria & Czechia)
  • Smuggled bicycles into Venice (we didn’t know bikes were outlawed—shhhhhh)
  • Cycled from Portugal to Rome (racking up 8 countries on that trek)
  • Stayed with strangers (who gave me keys to their homes — 3 times, in 3 different countries!)
  • Showered in an open hut (while cycling the Solomon Islands)

And much, much more.

In desperation I’d broken loose from all the chains holding me back—and found a way.

That way is the Way of the Hero.

Here’s the crazy part—it was actually pretty simple. Not easy, mind you. It took 4 years of pushing nearly every limit I held to discover the process. Then another 4 to crystallize it.

I had to challenge long held assumptions, and rattle the stories I’d lived with since childhood. But the PROCESS was simple.

If it worked for me, it could work for others.

One client signed up, broke through some hefty barriers, and word spread like wildfire. Soon we were trekking across the globe.

Clients returned with massive shifts. Jordan H. quit his high-pressure job and launched his own thriving business. Kirk L. stood firm against people he perceived as “authorities.” Ammon C. became an executive. Beth U. quit sacrificing “personal” time, and still increased her business. Piyush P. started a successful entrepreneur lab. And Hal H. started successfully coaching and consulting.

So how does it work, Layne? What’s the secret?

The secret is, simply, to take a journey—the right way.

That’s it!

And the right way means . . .

  1. Giving up your old identity
  2. Pinpointing your TRUE dream — the one that’s hidden
  3. Yielding to a journey — one that puts you smack dab in the G.U.I.D.E. conditions
  4. Embracing the new identity

Like Yoda said, it means to “unlearn what you have learned.”

Now as part of a multi-tiered coaching program I take people on epic journeys of discovery. Most aren’t cyclists. Some don’t even own a bike! But they’re sick of the hollow in their gut and crave something deep, passionate, and true.

If that’s you, let’s chat! Sign up now for a free 30-minute consultation.

~ Layne

Let’s do this.


  • A:

    A rugged cycling adventure, and a dynamic coaching program around it.

  • A:
    • You get a raw adventure your network will envy.
    • You get a road map to your deepest dream.
    • You get a challenge that will access untapped inner strength.
    • You get up to 7 months of personal coaching.
    • And you get guidance during the trek that helps you fearlessly pursue new paths.
  • A:

    Tuition for adults is $4990. Click here to learn more.

  • A:
    • A 7 month coaching program centered around an epic bike trek
    • Up to 5 months Pre-trek coaching and support
    • On-trek guide
    • 2 months Post-trek coaching and support
    • Pre-trek Guidebook
    • On-trek Guidebook
    • Epic adventure done right
  • A:

    10 days (up to 2 weeks with travel time).

  • A:

    Touring or Gravel bike, equipped with low gears (preferably a 42-cassette), disc brakes, and a more upright position.

  • A:

    Yes. Renting usually costs about $300-400.

  • A:

    Yes. Flying with a bike can run from $30-300 each way, and airlines require it boxed or bagged. Bike shops are happy to box for a small fee. To save a few bucks, follow YouTube videos and box it yourself.

  • A:

    At campsites, parks, and homes of fellow cyclists.

  • A:

    We pull our gear in a trailer that tracks behind the bike.

  • A:

    Great! About 85% of our trekkers are not “cyclists” per se. They’re just adventurous people willing to give it a go.

  • A:

    We cook our own breakfast, lunch, and occasionally dinner, but often find cafes and restaurants along the way (especially in the evening).

  • A:

    It’s all good. In the host country enough people know English that we can usually communicate fine. It does help to learn a few basic phrases. And don’t forget body language!

  • A:

    Once you enroll in the program, you'll get an adventurous training program that builds strength, endurance, agility, and speed.

  • A:

    Bike, camping gear, and clothes. We'll guide you to the best gear, and even reward your training with camp and bike gear.

  • A:

    Round-trip or multi-city flights to our arrival and departure cities, along with pre- and post-trek lodging.

  • A:

    ASAP. To prevent extra fees and rush orders, get your passport at least 3 months in advance.

  • A:

    You deserve it. And when you return, everyone around you will feel your deep shift.

  • A:

    You’re in luck—this is not a race. Everyone trains hard, but it’s about being strong enough to slow down, drink it in, and be sensitive to the world around you.

  • A:
    • 6am - awaken and get ready
    • 8am / 9am - hit the road
    • 9am - 7pm - explore, discover, learn
    • 7pm - set up camp, eat
    • 8pm - learn, discuss, journal
    • 10pm / 11pm - sleep
    • Mind you, on-trek the entire schedule goes haywire, so be prepared to pivot.
  • A:

    Approximately 45 glorious miles.

  • A:

    You speak from your center. You don’t try to persuade or dance around the issue. Boldly and openly you explain this is something that speaks to your soul.

  • A:

    Complete the form below.

Find a new way forward

(2.25 min) When an executive opts to go trekking through Norway, he gains a lot more than he expects. "It was daring. There was a lot of uncertainty and vulnerability, and that's what made it powerful." - Hal H.