Escape to the Ultimate Hero's Journey

Reshape your life through a 7-day bike trek

It equips you to...

• Pinpoint and shatter fears
• Resolve conflicts with integrative solutions
• Ignite a new life vision
• Design systems that accelerate that vision

Most of us fall into a trap.

We embrace the hero identity instead of our hero’s journey.

Is it your fault?  No. You and I are socially seduced to...

• Grab the win
• Flaunt the title
• Seize control

Trapped in the hero's identity we become chained to others' expectations which (ironically) make us ego-driven instead of growth-driven.

Until we escape.

The Hero's Journey always begins with escape--a beckoning into the unknown. It's a test.  Are you willing to let go?  Be a rookie again--a stranger in a strange land?

That's why this course centers around a cycling trek overseas.

Through this escape we learn to:

  • Avoid mental traps
  • Discern secret guides
  • Convert strangers into allies
  • Adapt quickly to any situation
  • Leave a story-driven legacy

Take the Way of the Hero

Quit chasing other people's dreams. Live brilliantly into your own.

Experience the Hero's Journey for yourself.

Then return to change the world you left.

Status Quo says...

  • "You don't have time..."
  • "You're not strong enough..."
  • "It's not in the budget..."

But time spent preparing and executing will return your investment 3x.

Corey 3x'd his business revenue

Jordan quit his job and started a lucrative business

Piyush quit stressing and built generational wealth.

Each learned to innovate.

Clients returned with massive shifts. Jordan H. launched his own thriving business. Ammon C. became an executive. Beth U. quit sacrificing “personal” time. Piyush P. started a successful entrepreneur lab. And Hal H. started coaching and consulting.

Quit denying yourself. Escape, and accelerate growth!

Take the Ultimate Hero's Journey.

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